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Affordable housing and affordable care in towns and municipalities is becoming increasingly scarce for ordinary wage earners: Already today, there are 330 million urban households worldwide with an income whose budget for living in decent housing in their cities is no longer sufficient. This figure will increase to 440 million households by 2025 if urbanisation- and income trends continue as expected.


Therefore, we would like to create solutions with our new housing concepts in order to make life in today's unaffordable regions of Germany and Europe affordable again. Whether you are a trainee, need a place to stay as a student, are passing through as a young professional, looking after a senior citizen and looking for affordable care, or if you are limited caused of a disability.


We'll be pleased to help!

Dear Investor...

The developed product as well as the committed work of our team surprised me very positively.

Matthias Bölsche


affordable living & affordable care

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