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Condos as an investment

A rented condo was so far one of the classics of properties that are used for the purpose of investment. Thus, investors opt for a condo, for high returns are promised should be done prior to the acquisition in any case, a proper assessment that shows potential problem areas in advance and thus allows an informed purchase decision.


The gross returns for condominiums is today however, similar to the yields on investment properties (residential and commercial), usually only between 1.5% and 3.5% . Therefore necessary maintenance and rental losses can lead also to a underfunding (rental income cover costs anymore). Caution is necessary!


The initiators of the village have developed the City Village. The City Village promises returns of 6%, depending on the location and demographic development of the region.




Condominium purchase price rentalincome (net cold) gross return
4 Zimmer ETW 375.000 24.000   6,4 %

If you are interested, we would appreciate a contact very much to give you serious and sustainable advise.

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Offers from 2nd quarter 2019

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