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New form of housing promises high returns

The term special properties, also called special estates, includes a number of different object types. These commercial properties such as hotels, warehouses, production halls or shopping centers are expected, as well as castles, palaces and manor houses, senior housing or amusement parks. Even stations, service stations or airport buildings are referred to as special purpose properties. All these object types have in common that they are only suitable for a particular use or interest to a specific group of potential users. The user change after a sale or re-letting often causes problems because the special property has to be adapted to the needs of the new user - what causes high costs regularly.

For this reason special properties were not popular from the banks, as well as prospective buyers and also not covered with high equity shares in financing.


This is set to change with the special property "The Mini-Village". This new form of housing can be used as a classic residential property, as an apartment community or as a special property. We created three uses for one and the same property without the great cost of the redevelopment of the property.



Condominium purchase price rental income (net cold) gross return
4 rooms apartment 375,000 31,200 8.32%

If you are interested, we would appreciate a contact very much to give you serious and sustainable advise.

Maximum return until at least 2060

Offers from 4th quarter 2019

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