Current Offers - The "yield" village

Own property for investment applies in the mini-interest era as the royal road to still achieve a good return with the money. Real estate agents expect some tantalizing 5 - 10 percent. But is that true? Unfortunately, at the present time not anymore.


Yields of less than 3% in urban areas and to the 4 - 5% in B and C layers have melt the yields because of the scarcity of suitable objects and great demand.


To counteract to this development it needs intelligent living concepts that lead to a win-win situation for both, the landlord side and the tenant side.


The developers of the village have taken account of this requirement and have developed an investment that generated a return of at least 8%, and take into account the needs of people for affordable housing at the same time.


The village - The property 4.0 with an estimated return until at least 2060

Top location, profitable - The village "Schluechtern"


Object number: 201802001
Location: 36381 Schluechtern
area: 10,200 square meters
of apartments: 132
Net annual rent: on request
Yield: 8.02% / pa
Price: on request

Personal Contact:

fon: +49 (0) 30 548 11 944

fax: +49 (0) 30 551 05 900



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