Our living arrangements

The trend: Retirement homes are booming - but nobody wants to go there!

The residential care group as a solution true to the motto: away from nursing home?

Almost all families will eventually have to deal with caregiving or dementia and they are considering a whole range of new ideas for elderly care.

All with the goal: away from the nursing home. The problem is that the families are getting smaller and the older people are getting more: not every family can take care of their older relatives themselves. At the moment you can observe a big upheaval in the German and European family. The small families are expanding from the blood to the family of choice. Friends, neighbors, acquaintances take older people into their care.

The ambulant residential care groups are making a major leap forward. There are about eight people in need of care living together. Their own families take care of them, as do the neighbors. They go shopping for the residents, cook for them and go for a walk with them.

More and more housing companies, church congregations and communities are currently building such residential communities and even homes are setting up ambulant residential groups.

City Apartments - Minimalism as a lifestyle

A unique & unforgettable experience

Marie: I want to be flexible, always be able to pack my bags and change my location. So I prefer living in furnished apartments or arranges myself quite Spartan. A few boxes of personal things I stored with my parents in the basement. Apart from that I am always ready to change my place of residence.

Of course - that's a phase! I'm also looking forward to getting involved in a place and staying there for years. Then I am also looking forward to living less, but still minimalist, and to set myself up nicely, but also with deliberately selected pieces of furniture that are sustainable.

Minimalism as a lifestyle is for me a decision that runs through life and has made my very relieved and freer.

We invite you to see for yourself whether this lifestyle can also enrich you in our city apartments!

The Village - worthwhile symbiosis between the generations

People, the environment and capital are combined with each other

Housing for the elderly must not bleak, not be affordable and lonely. Modern facilities such as The Village offer their residents a high degree of independence and self-determined living in their own apartment. Simultaneously tailored to the needs of seniors village a carefree retirement without arduous everyday duties is possible.


A cleaning service is as important as comprehensive support and if necessary individual care in their own homes. Especially the combination of independence and security makes assisted living in the village for the elderly of today's generation so attractive.


At the same time, it is our mission to bring the right partners together and solutions to enforce common-that are equally relevant to humans, the environment and capital. Affordable housing, for example, need not be inferior housing.


Quite the contrary, we are convinced that we have developed a concept that combines affordable housing, individual attention, CO2 neutrality, energy efficiency, healthy indoor climate and a life free of toxins.


Our village, an investment into the future of Europe

Highlights of our living arrangements


  • Active living in the residential group with many similarities

  • Regional cuisine: Cooking together healthy & tasty

  • Barrier-free apartments

  • Private Nursing care for all care levels

  • Intensive additional care services

City Apartements

  • High quality furnished apartments

  • High-speed WLAN

  • Intelligent housing concept

  • Not capital intensive deposit solution

  • Affordable housing across generations

The Village

  • More joy on an exciting period of life

  • All generations under one and the same roof

  • Village house for chilling, sports and encounter

  • Top social care
    intense Caring concept


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