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Rents are rising and rising. Affordable housing in major cities is in short supply. Paris has to cope with the highest number of homeless people in Europe. Remedy is not in sight. Many large cities are already going to about a level where 80 percent of household income is spent for the rent. Even many average wage earners can hardly afford suitable apartments.

In Hamburg, estimated 50 percent of the tenants would need social housing. In Paris less than 10 square meters were offered for 510 euros per month. And urban development policy adhere on outdated concepts.

The youth in Europe can not live in the big cities longer to study, for example. The ancients who built the country are displaced from their social housing in order to rehabilitate them. Marginalized groups such trainees, students, young professionals and senior citizens have no place in Europe's society anymore.

Older people and people with long-term care are unnecessary and expensive ballast of European society. The health systems in Germany are rather scarce in Europe or the returned contributions for care, as in Germany, do not cover the cost of the care service.

It's time!

New forms of living and concepts of care are urgently needed, in order to give all social classes again a home. Affordable outpatient group homes, affordable city apartments and villages on the outskirts of medium-sized cities or in the countryside does not exist, they would permanently boom. The policy seeks to find solutions without them.

The village as a system provider for affordable housing of all walks of life has developed solutions that make living affordable again. A combination between affordable housing and affordable care is a novelty in Germany and Europe.

Let's do it, there is much to do.

Our aim is, to start up three villages, five City apartments and ten outpatient group homes each year in Germany and to be represented in every industrialized country in Europe within the next vife years to give people hope for the future.

A feasible, but also ambitious target.

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