Magdeburg - the discovery at the Elbe

The state capital of Saxony-Anhalt  leaves the crisis years behind. The city is growing and growing - and now it open its locations on the waterfront.

Who wants to know how far Magdeburg has changed, has to walk to the best site - the area of the former train station 'Elbbahnhof'. In this former railway property at the edge of downtown, where the longest time stretched an unsightly wasteland, a completely new quarter arose with upscale townhouses and apartments within a few years.


On the path along which extends between the new quarter and the same, cyclists romp; in the - admittedly still a few - cafe's with best view to the magnificent Gothic cathedral walkers take a break and passengers walk by, .

City - apartements


Magdeburg near the University

  • Attractive location close to the city and in the countryside
  • New - interesting apartement-mix, underground parking, bicycle parking
  • good public transport connection
  • Sports facilities within the area
  • Right beside the Fachhochschule Magdeburg

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