The housing shortage in the Main-Kinzig-Area increases for older people

Many of the elderly people in the Main-Kinzig-Area will have to think about a change of their address in the coming years: Many retirees can't longer afford the fee of their current apartments in future.


This is the conclusion of a recent study of the Pestel Institute. This predicts a significant increase in poverty in older age. Thus, more than 3,100 retirees in the Main-Kinzig-Area will rely on state basic pension in 2020. Their number would thus still rise dramatically in this decade - by nearly 60.1 percent. "Most of the retirees will have to rly on the social community because many of the 55 - 65 year-olds live on welfare today already.


We will make the experience in the Main-Kinzig-Kreis, that there's a significant increase in poverty in old age, "says Matthias Günther from Pestel Institute in Hanover. More and more people with broken work histories went into retirement. Periods of unemployment, low wages and permanently marginal jobs are in the process responsible for declining pensions for persons retiring. Likewise, little or no retirement for many self-employed. This also leads to a growing poverty in old age.


The city "Schlüchtern"

In Schluechtern tradition and modernity is combined in various ways - in all that urban character rural roots is remained. Schluechtern is located among the foothills of the Rhone, Vogelsberg and Spessart . Bathed by the river Kinzig, numerous streams and springs opens up this varied with forests, meadows and fields. The viewer to have beautiful delightful insights and perspectives into a shaped by agriculture and forestry landscape.


Since ancient times, has been a center of Schlüchtern center for the surrounding communities. After Schlüchtern you went to the doctor, the dentist, to the pharmacy, to the hairdresser, and not least to school because Schlüchtern is considered college town. This has remained until today.


By the local government reform in 1969 and 1974, the current large municipality was formed with a total of 13 districts, Ahlersbach, Breitenbach, Elm, Gundhelm, Herolz, Hohenzell, Hutten, cloisters, Kressbach, Niederzell, Schlüchtern, Vollmerz and Wall Roth.


In the center of Schlüchtern were many historic buildings such as the former Benedictine monastery, the town hall, the inn "corner bakery," the former synagogue and the Lauter`sche castle with modern office buildings.

Schlüchtern always has a vibrant social life, which holds a wide range of leisure activities, whether football, athletics, handball, whether vocal or orchestral whether Red Cross or Maltese. The Schlüchterner clubs offer numerous opportunities for leisure activities for all interested citizens.


health resort


The Hessian Minister for Labor, Social Welfare and Health has granted by deed dated 27 October 1966, the city Schlüchtern the title "state-approved health resort". Based at that time was mainly the recreational area around the Acisbrunnen and the large urban forest.


In the climatic preliminary investigations were able to draw primarily on the input from the existing Schluechtern since 1936 Air Main Station. There are still three observations daily at 7:22, 14:22 and 21:22 when temperature, humidity and precipitation and also those hired through thunderstorms or fog is recorded. The Hessian Office of culture Hanau determined 1976 Schlüchtern, depending on the altitude, an average annual temperature between 6.5 and 8 degrees Celsius, and an average annual rainfall between 780 (Herolz) and 900 (Ahlersbach), in the center 820 millimeters. The growing season is and from 210 to 230 days ago. The climate varies according to altitude, in the entire city between quite mild, quite cool and quite rough.


Since the first presentation of the predicate "health resort" carries Schlüchtern continuously this award, the basis of which are the unique climate, the forest resources and the possibilities of recreation in the city.


On 01.01.2004 Schlüchtern was again the title "health resort" awarded by the Hessian Committee of spas, resorts and mineral springs for the next 10 years. For this, the city had to perform elaborate air measurements and meet additional requirements.




Schlüchtern has a lot to offer - no matter whether you are inspired with a stroll through the city center for the culture and history of the city, relax in one of the many cafes and cozy pubs or enjoy the local cuisine and hospitality.

To get a first impression of our historic town, it makes sense to look at the sights of the city and to get acquainted with a guided tour of the city's history.


In the neighborhoods you will find the beautiful park of Schloss Ramholz with Steckelberg Castle or Burg Brandenstein with Wooden Tools- and Siebold-Museum, which are always worth a visit.


Take a walk along historic paths, because Schlüchtern is located along the ancient trade route Frankfurt-Leipzig and the donkey trail.

The village "Schlüchtern"

from 2020:

Village Schlüchtern


  • attractive close to the center, quiet location
  • Ecological new building in nature
  • good public transport connection
  • day care
  • 72 apartments for everyone and 60 care apartments

Impressions of the village

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